Wednesday, March 17, 2010


For some reason, I keep thinking that we can just put on a wedding for free. And I KNOW this isn't really possible for the wedding that we want to have, but...ugh, why do things have to cost money? Why can't everything be on a barter system? I make really good jam, and apple pies, and I can sew pretty dresses like nobody's business. Surely someone will donate all the food for our wedding if I promise to make them a sundress. Right?

Oh well. There isn't really much to update today, since no more decisions have been made. Scott keeps telling me that we need to pick a rain location, and I keep saying, "...but WHY? Can't we just tell everyone to bring umbrellas?". He's more worried about the food getting rained on. I almost want to just make paper-bag lunches for everyone, and if it rains, they can go eat in their cars.

I really need to contact the managing director of MPP and make sure we can have, the date we've picked. And we need to tell Scott's parents where we want to go on our honeymoon, since they're determined to send us. And we need to decide whether or not we're going to audition for Twelfth Night, which is the show going on at the ampthitheatre the night after we get married. Everyone has told me I'm insane for even considering such a thing, but...well, I don't always follow advice. It's not that I'm stubborn, really. It's just that I already KNOW I'm crazy, so when someone tells me I'd be crazy to do kind of just makes me want to do it more.

Besides, we could do the show Saturday and Sunday nights, then leave for our honeymoon Monday morning and be back by Friday afternoon for closing weekend. I mean, we can't exactly go on a honeymoon for any longer than that, anyway. We're starving actors. There's no WAY the both of us could take more than a week off work.

They may be right. I may be crazy. But...I haven't actually acted in a show since June. JUNE. Well, I mean, I was in The Songs, which was kind of a musical revue/cabaret type thing, but other than that, I've been busy directing and costuming shows. I should actually STICK to directing and costuming, since those things pay, but...but...ARG, I need to act. And auditions at Parkway last weekend were a trainwreck, so that option is out, and...I'm gonna shut up, because this is supposed to be a wedding blog, and this is mostly unweddinglike rambling.


  1. Can I just vote a big "NAH!!" on the doing a show the night before your wedding?

    As a former bride, you'll be nervous and want to enjoy the experience. The only thing you should be thinking should be, "OMG, I'm getting married tomorrow!" rather than "I'm getting married tomorrow, but this audience was SO DEAD tonight!!"

    And as a director, I would be scared to cast you, as I wouldn't know if your mind would be on the show the whole time. (Same goes for your boy, I'm not sexist...) Not that I'm calling your unprofessional, but it's hard enough to get actors to focus when they've got minor stress, even happy minor stress. Casting an actor with major happy stress, which is occuring the DAY BEFORE, is just asking for trouble! (Maybe I'm a little bias right now, my current batch of actors have lost their damn mind and need a Come to Jesus meeting.)

    So there's my unwanted two cents on that. :-)

  2. We've got until June to decide, so maybe we'll come to our senses by then and not audition. But I just can't imagine not being in rehearsal for that long...I'm absolutely not happy when I'm not working on a show, no matter how many other things are on my plate. I mean, right now I'm wedding planning and teaching my regular job and assistant directing two kids shows and teaching an acting class one night a week, and I'm STILL whiny and antsy because I'm not working on an honest-to-goodness show right now.

    I guess we also have the option to audition and see what we're offered. I mean, if I was offered Olivia or Maria...I might take it. I'd actually be more likely to take Olivia, since there's more of a chance I'll get to play Maria in the future.

    And you have my sympathies re: your mindless actors. I'm dealing with a mindless co-director right now, and I would really like to smack her in the head sometimes.