Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Venue Search, aka Why I Don't Like Package Deals

So the Boy has been doing his part wonderfully and calling the venues we've been considering to get their pricing information. I'm still floored at how expensive venues are...even though he says that some of the places are really not that bad, considering all the things they include. He's worked on the venue side of things before, so he knows what he's talking about. And of course, what it boils down to is how much we're willing to spend, REGARDLESS of whether or not it's a good deal.

Here's the thing; a lot of these packages that are reasonably priced and include lots of things? As soon as I read the package description, I feel a little antsy and uncomfortable, and I immediately know that the venue is not right for us. For instance, one place includes all kinds of useful things; setup and cleanup, chairs, tables, valet parking, lodging...good things that I would like to have if possible. And then I read on...they also include glass plates, silverware, white linens, horse drawn carriage. All nice wedding things. All things most any bride would welcome at her wedding. And while I'm trying to be open to the idea of pretty white linens and glass plates...I really just want a barbeque/picnic with blue flowered Dixie plates and mismatched tablecloths. Or no tablecloths. I think most brides would be upset if they didn't have matching glasswear, but I'm afraid I'll be upset if I DO.

Of course, I'm trying to stick to the philosophy that none of that really matters anyway; what matters is we get married*. It'd just be nice to do it the way I want.

In other news, my shoes came today. They are as gorgeous as pictured...but unfortunately, my feet are too wide for them. They go ON, but they aren't gonna be comfortable to dance in. I bought them off an seller and can't really send them I just need to decide whether to resell them, or keep them and see if they'll stretch enough to be comfy. It's a shame, too; I was really excited about these shoes, and I don't often get excited about shoes.

On the upside, my dress pattern came - yay! - and I'm going to start cutting out a mock-up within the next couple of weeks. Maybe I'll be off work again for snow tomorrow and can get started on that.

*Random Reason #13425 Why I Love My Fiance: He feels the same way I do about all this. Plus he lets me bite his nose and doesn't think I'm weird for it.

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