Friday, January 1, 2010

I made some impulse purchases, which is something I never ever ever do, and I'm so thrilled with myself for it.

Actually, the first purchase was not an impulse by at all - my dress pattern, which is the same pattern I've been looking at for at least a week. The thing is, I KNEW I wanted that pattern the moment I saw it, but I made myself shop around. Then two nights ago I very hastily logged onto Ebay, found the pattern for sale, and bought it with a few clicks without letting myself think anymore. I'm excited. I also ordered some fabric samples. In a few weeks I should have the pattern and can get started on the muslin mock-up. Squee!

The other purchase, which was much more impulse (for me) were these shoes. I love them. So much. They are my size, they are a perfect color for me, they're one of my favorite styles, and they are a shoe that I can guarantee I will wear again and again because I have several blue sundresses that they will look adorable with. And I usually don't wear anything BUT dresses all summer long because I love dresses, I make a ton of sundresses that look fabulous on me, and...well, I love dresses.

Right before I bought the shoes, I showed them to my fiance and talked about how much I loved them, then said, "But I've never paid this much for shoes in my entire LIFE."

Boy: "But these are wedding shoes. That's a good price for wedding shoes."
Me: " No no no, we are not going to start labeling things as "wedding" this and "wedding" that. Because when people do that, they start spending more than they can afford because it's "a good price for a wedding ___". I am going to treat these shoes like any other pair of shoes."
Boy: "Okay."
Me: "....but I want them. They're adorable and they're vintage and...and..."
Boy: "Baby, buy the shoes. You should get them."
Me: "*CLICK* YAY!"

Sometimes it just takes one little push, doesn't it?

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