Tuesday, June 8, 2010

No _____? No Problem!

Apparently I am a horrible, horrible blogger who hasn't updated in two months. I'm not sure how that happened.

Well, okay, I know how that happened - I started rehearsing for King Lear and all my free time went out the window.

Last night Scott and I were at the amphitheatre, getting ready to start rehearsal, and we were standing down on the grass on the lower level of the stage...and he put his arm around me and said, "We're gonna get married here in three months." And while it's more like four months...it still makes me all giddy and excited to think about.

Of course, we're no closer on the details than we were before. I still don't have any bridesmaids dresses picked out, although I have a lead on where to find them. I still haven't bought my dress fabric, although my mother and I are supposed to go hunt for that tomorrow. We haven't booked anything...mainly because there's nothing to book. Scott occasionally stresses out on me, thinking we have to do this this and this, but really...I think we're okay. We aren't renting chairs; we're telling people to bring their own lawn chairs, and we're using the twenty or so nice lawn outdoor chairs at the theatre for our close family. We're mostly borrowing the tables for the food, and there won't be tables to sit at because we're doing kind of a finger-food reception. We're running the music through the theatre's sound system and my iPod.

Of course, if it rains, we are absolutely screwed because we haven't got a backup plan. So we're telling people on the invitations to bring umbrellas as well as lawn chairs.

Am I really crazy in thinking we can do all this so simply and it will work out? Sometimes I read the beautiful wedding graduate posts over at A Practical Wedding and I feel like we don't have enough cool things planned. Or...any cool things, for that matter. I mean, our cool thing is that we're getting married at a theatre, and we're actors. That's special to us. But...I don't know, sometimes I wish I had the ambition to find some friends to play music for us, or to make cool DIY decorations. Right now we have no plans to decorate. Our decoration is going to be whatever the Twelfth Night set looks like.

But what can I say? Neither one of us are very detail-oriented. Neither one of us are control freaks. We're both kind of going "Eh, yeah, that'll work! And we'll be married, yay!". Scott freaks out more than I do, but I'm convinced that's because he still thinks there are things We Have To Do that we really don't. He worked sort of alongside the wedding industry for a long time, they sorta brainwashed him.

Anyway. Here's to everything working out and not stressing.


  1. Forget the details, what matters is that at the end of your wedding day you will be married and happy! A wedding is not the be all end all, it is the beginning and that is where the exciting part starts. You and Scott will get it right!

  2. Oh, Mandy, I think everything about your and Scott's approach to the wedding is perfectly wonderful. Of course it will work out, and if it doesn't, it will still work out (that's supposed to be comforting). Good lord, it's Montford! Everyone there (and I damn well better be invited) will be absolutely charmed and delighted. In ten years, nobody will remember the cool DIY things; they'll remember the glow on your face and your beautiful dress and Scott looking spiffy and the gorgeous weather (yes) and the cool-as-hell fact that, bu God, you went and got married in the awesomest ampphitheater in the world, surrounded by the awesomest people on earth.

  3. I think your plans sound lovely, and I say stick with no stress as long as you can!

    I tried to keep cool, but it seems like 1+ month out, stress (or at least to-dos) started piling up... and we're having a pretty low-key wedding.

  4. Thanks to everyone for the kind words of encouragement....aaaand thanks to David for reminding me to actually check my blog! And of course you're invited!