Saturday, June 19, 2010

This has nothing at all to do with weddings, but it made me laugh SO hard, I had to share it...copied directly from my friend Ali's blog (with her permission, of course). She's spending a year in Korea teaching English.

*Actual conversation during a game of hangman
the board looked like this:


Students: Teacher, Hint please!
Me: Ok, here is the hint : "This fruit tastes sweet"
Me: Please don't tell me you eat detergent.
Ria: yes, one time teacher.
Me: Ok .... OK guys, pick another letter.
Ria: "D"
Me: No it isn't detergent!!!!
Random student:' WATERMELON"
Me: Yes, good job
Ria: OHHHHHHH, much better than detergent. Good word teacher.
Me: Thank you Ria.

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